Learn how Afterburner’s guidance, built on the elite collaboration and execution skills of real fighter pilots, empowered ACP to:
  • Build team-wide strategic alignment and a culture of trust
  • Gain 40% market share in their region
  • Reduce employee turnover and boost retention above the industry average
From the Case Study:
“ACP would not be where we are today if not for the Afterburner Flawless Execution framework”.
- Greice Murphy, co-founder and CEO, Advanced Care Partners

Afterburner helps VMWare and IBM "Go Big" to revitalize a critical strategic alliance and deliver 150% of goal.

Atlanta-based SI re-imagines its COVID impacted business and achieves 122% of revenue goal.

Acceleration Stats
2.1 Million Business Professionals Trained
85% Of Fortune 50 On Client List
9.2 Average Program Rating Over The Past 22 Years
8 Nationally Acclaimed Publications
2 Super Bowl-Winning Clients
5 Nominations To The INC 500/5000 List