You’ll learn how your team can:
  • Build a strong collaborative culture to make sure no key tasks fall through the cracks
  • Ensure your limited time and resources are spent on the efforts that matter most
  • Create a solid mission plan that creates a clear path to your revenue goal
  • Protect against low employee morale
From the Guide:
“When flying under pressure or in combat, fighter pilots are trained to focus only on the areas of the instrument panel that are immediately relevant. Typically, these are the gauges indicating altitude, speed, and other core readings. In business, it could be things like late-stage sales opportunities or progress toward quotas”.

Afterburner helps VMWare and IBM "Go Big" to revitalize a critical strategic alliance and deliver 150% of goal.

Atlanta-based SI re-imagines its COVID impacted business and achieves 122% of revenue goal.

Acceleration Stats
2.1 Million Business Professionals Trained
85% Of Fortune 50 On Client List
9.2 Average Program Rating Over The Past 22 Years
8 Nationally Acclaimed Publications
2 Super Bowl-Winning Clients
5 Nominations To The INC 500/5000 List